Top 10 most valuable retail brands in Europe

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Despite a 6 percent drop the most valuable retail brand in the world remains Walmart. Walmart’s brand value is estimated to be 132 billion dollar, which equals the total value of the 20 most valuable retail brands in Europe.

An increasing amount of retailing is done using online websites by electronic payment and then delivered via a courier. Sometimes this is called ‘e-tail’. But the principal remains the same: the sale of goods from businesses to the end-user. The biggest online retailer is Amazon with a brand value of 23,620 million dollar. Ebay is a well known runner up. Both American companies that operate in Europe as well. Europe’s most valuable brands consist of more traditional retailers, that operate in sectors such as grocery, apparel, home furnishings and electronics. But what are the most valuable retail brands in Europe? Interbrand, a consulting company that specializes in brands have come up with the following list. Here’s a top 10 most valuable retail brands in Europe.

Top 10 most valuable retail brands in Europe

  1. Sephora, France, cosmetics – $2,143 million
  2. Aldi, Germany, grocery – $2,940 million
  3. Boots, United Kingdom, drugstore – $3,376 million
  4. Auchan, France, grocery – $ 3,697 million
  5. Marks & Spencer, United Kingdom, grocery – $5,633 million
  6. Tesco, United Kingdom, grocery – $9,042 million
  7. Carrefour, France, grocery – $10,299 million
  8. ZARA, Spain, clothing – $10,821 million
  9. IKEA, Sweden, home furnishing – $13,818 million
  10. H&M, Sweden, clothing – $18,168 million

Interbrand 2014