Top 10 most valuable spirit brands

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Have you ever heard of Wuliangye? We didn’t, until we’ve found out that it is one of the most valuable spirit brands in the world. It’s one of the best selling alcoholic beverages in China. In terms of brand value Wuliangye scores better than Cognac producer Remy Martin, the Mexican tequila supplier José Cuervo or even the Swedish wodka hit Absolut.

Spirits are distilled beverages. The alcoholic content of the most spirits is about 40%. In the United States the term hard liquor is commonly used to distinguish distilled beverages from undistilled oneses. Examples of distilled beverages are vodka, whisky, brandy (cognac), tequila and rum. The cost of production is relatively low especially when large volumes are produced. That’s why branding is a key element when it comes to spirits. The most brands that are mentioned in the following list are global brands and can be bought in almost any restaurant, night club or bar in the world. So in terms of brand value in dollars, which spirit brands are performing excellent? Here’s a top 10 most valuable spirit brands!

Top 10 most valuable spirit brands

  1. Ricard – $ 952 million
  2. Absolut Vodka – $ 1,235 million
  3. Jack Daniel’s – $ 1,246 million
  4. Baileys – $ 1,269 million
  5. Wuliangye – $ 1,308 million
  6. Chivas Regal – $ 1,551 million
  7. Smirnoff – $ 1,718 million
  8. Hennesy – $ 1,917 million
  9. Bacardi – $ 2,009 million
  10. Johnnie Walker – $ 2,432 million

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