Top 10 of things in space

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One of the emptiest things in universe, is the universe. Without it, there’s nothing. So there is cool stuff to find in universe. Here’s our non-quantative list:

  1. Voyager 1 & 2 – in 1977 NASA launched two spacecrafts into space. At the moment Voyager 1 is about 17.5 billion kilometers away from us exploring the outer part of our solar system. A command from earth takes 13 hours to reach the spacecraft.
  2. Black Holes – objects with a gravitational attraction that is so strong that the escape velocity equals the speed of light, preventing light from leaving its ‘ surface’.
  3. Quasars – extreme objects. Quasars are extremely luminous, extremely distant galaxies and very powerful radio sources
  4. Light – radiant energy, travelling at the speed of light or 299,792.5 kilometers per second.
  5. Supernova – the titanic explosion of a star. From the star’s point of view a quick and glorious death. During the explosion the star uses more energy than it has used during its lifetime, leading to an extreme luminosity.
  6. Pluto – a lonely planet chilling at the edge of our solar system. Pluto’s mass is about 0,002 times the Earth’s.
  7. The Great Attractor – an assemblage of superclusters, at about 260 million light years away from us. The Great Attractor contains 10.000 galaxies like the Milky Way.
  8. Supercluster – a cluster of galaxy clusters spanning over 100 million light years
  9. Dark Matter – material that accounts for discrepancy between the mass of a galaxy according to Kepler’s third law and the mass observable in the form of stars and gas. It should be there…
  10. The Sun – our star



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