Top 10 orange producing countries

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One of the most popular fruits is the orange. Its flavour varies from rich to sour, depending on the variety and the location the orange is grown. There are about 80 varieties of oranges, the most notable being the Valencia. Oranges are the most cultivated tree fruits in the world. Orange trees are grown in subtropical and tropical climates. All orange producing countries combined produce approximately 70 million tons of oranges.

Like most citrus fruits, such as lemon and mandarin, oranges provide a perfect source for vitamin c. To prevent scurvy many citrus trees were planted along trade routes by Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch sailors. They planted the trees in Brazil, Central and South America and in South Africa. Nowadays the orange is consumed all over the world, most notably in the form of orange juice. But which country produces the most oranges? Check the top 10 orange producing countries!

Top 10 orange producing countries

  1. Turkey – 1.73 million tons
  2. Indonesia – 1.82 million tons
  3. Italy – 2.47 million tons
  4. Egypt – 2.58 million tons
  5. Spain – 2.83 million tons
  6. Mexico – 4.08 million tons
  7. India – 4.57 million tons
  8. China – 6.21 million tons
  9. United States – 8.08 million tons
  10. Brazil – 19.81 million tons

Source: FAOSTAT 2011

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