Top 10 pharmaceutical companies by revenue

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Pharmaceutical companies belong to the most influential and richest companies in the world. The annual turnover in the pharmaceutical industry for prescription drugs is estimated to be worth 700 billion dollars – or $ 100 for each person on earth! We didn’t even mention the drugs that are available without prescription.

Once a patent is granted a company can start cashing in. But this is only possible after a long and costly research and development process, making it a risky undertaking. The best sold drugs are Pfizer’s cholesterol pill Lipitor (which patent is expired), the blood thinner Plavix, Advair, the asthma inhaler from GlaxoSmithKline and many more. Viagra boosted Pfizer’s sales in 2000 but is now just one of the many drugs in Pfizer’s spectrum, at least until 2019. More than 1,3 million people worldwide work in the pharmaceutical industry. In terms of sales, which are the largest pharmaceutical companies? Check the top 10 pharmaceutical companies by revenue!

Top 10 pharmaceutical companies by revenue

  1. AstraZeneca, United Kingdom – $33.6 billion
  2. Abbott, United States – $38.8 billion
  3. GlaxosmithKline, United Kingdom – $43.92 billion
  4. Sanofi, France – $46.5 billion
  5. Merck & Co, United States – $48 billion
  6. Hoffmann-la Roche, Switzerland – $48.09 billion
  7. Bayer, Germany – $50.76 billion
  8. Novartis, Switzerland – $58.6 billion
  9. Johnson & Johnson, United States – $65 billion
  10. Pfizer, United States – $67.4 billion

nb results are from 2011
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