Top 10 rice producing countries

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Rice (Oryza Sativa) is the most widely consumed type of food in Asia. After corn, it is the grain with the second-highest worldwide production. But what are the most important countries by rice production? Here’s a top 10 rice producing countries!

When it comes to human nutrition and caloric intake, rice provides more than 20% of the calories consumed worldwide by humans, even more than corn, which is often cultivated for other purposes than human consumption. It is suggested that the agriculture of rice dates back to 13,500 BC in the Chinese Pearl Valley. Today, rice can be planted almost anywhere. The labor intensity and the need for ample water makes the cultivation of rice well suited to countries with low labor costs and high rainfall. So which are these countries? How many rice is produced in megatonnes (MT)? Here’s a top 10 countries by rice production!

Top 10 rice producing countries

  1. Japan – 10.654.000 MT
  2. Brazil – 11.549.881 MT
  3. Philippines – 18.032.422 MT
  4. Myanmar – 33.000.000 MT
  5. Bangladesh – 33.889.632 MT
  6. Thailand – 37.800.000 MT
  7. Vietnam – 43.661.569 MT
  8. Indonesia – 69.045.141 MT
  9. India – 152.600.000 MT
  10. China – 204.285.000 MT