Top 10 richest women in the world

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The following billionaires have so much money that they don’t even have the time to spend it. They belong to the richest people on the planet. And they have one thing in common. They are the richest women in the world.

Obviously the richest people on the planet are male. Former Microsoft boss Bill Gates currently is the richest man on the planet, with an estimated fortune of $ 72.7 billon, slightly more than runner up Carlos Slim from Mexico ($72.1 billion). The first woman on the list is ranked 9 with a net worth of $ 30.0 billion. So how about the rest of the women? How much do they own and what’s the principal source of their wealth? Here’s a top 10 richest women in the world!

Top 10 richest women in the world

  1. Anne-Cox-Chambers, USA, media – $12 billion
  2. Miuccia Prada, Italy, Prada – $12.4 billion
  3. Abigail Johnson, USA, investing – $12.7 billion
  4. Susanne Klatten, Germany, BMW – $14.3 billion
  5. Jacqueline Mars, USA, Mars Candy – $17 billion
  6. Georgina Rinehart, Australia, mining – $17 billion
  7. Iris Fontbona, Chile, copper mining – $17.4 billion
  8. Alice Walton, USA, Walmart – $26.3 billion
  9. Christy Walton, USA, Walmart – $28.2 billion
  10. Liliane Bettencourt, France, main shareholder of l’Oreal – $30 billion

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