Top 10 safest airlines (2017 update)


Ever since the Wright Brothers took flying to new heights in 1903, commercial flights have been an important part of our transportation needs. For a lot of people, getting on a plane is as convenient as jumping on a bus or taking the train. Fast, efficient and relatively safe, transportation by airplanes is the number one choice for longer distance travels. Relatively safe, because when things go wrong, they usually go really wrong. Not with the airlines in this list though, because Jacdec has deemed them the top 10 safest airlines to fly with in 2017.

Here they are:

Top 10 safest airlines (ranked)

  1. Japan Airlines
  3. Etihad Airways
  4. Emirates
  5. EVA Air
  6. KLM
  7. Qatar Airways
  8. Hainan Airlines
  9. Air New Zealand
  10. Cathay Pacific Airways

Source: Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre

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