Top 10 songs about cities

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Imagine being a city marketer. Every morning, every day, you’re talking to your principal, discussing the next approach. Express the feeling, that should be your main focus. Hey, I think you really should do something with that annual marathon, it’ll work. I think. Or: Don’t you have a funny statistic we can tweet about? And then, citymarketeer you are, you turn on the radio, well, while jogging through your Central Park and listening to the songs that express the feeling of a city in our next top 10 list of songs about cities…. Eat your heart out…solving!!

Top 10 songs about cities

  1. Vienna – Ultravox
  2. If You’re Going to San Francisco – Scott McKenzie
  3. Dans le Port d’ Amsterdam – Jacques Brel
  4. One Night in Bangkok – Murray Head
  5. Viva las Vegas – Elvis Presley
  6. Rotterdam Hooligans – RTC
  7. Twin Falls, Idaho – Built to Spill
  8. Bombs over Baghdad – Outkast
  9. Jerusalem – Alpha Blondy
  10. New York – Alicia Keys