Top 10 steel production by country

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Steel is everywhere. The car you’re driving often has a body of steel, the building you’re working in contains reinforcing bars, the knife you use to cut meat, the world’s longest bridges, wrist watches, surgical equipment, domestic appliances, bolts, nails and so on. Steel plays a vital part in our lives. Economies heavily depend on steel as the steel industry is often considered an indicator of economic progress. So which countries are ranked high on steel production?

Although steel was already produced in ancient times (steel production dates back to 2000 BC in Anatolia), it lasted until the 17th century that the product was produced on a large scale, mainly for construction purposes. It fueled the English economy. Today, steel is one of the most common materials in the world, with more than 1.3 billion tons of steel produced on an annual basis. But which countries produce the most steel in megatonnes (Mt)? Here’s a quick top 10 steel production by country!

Top 10 steel production by country

  1. Ukraine – 32.9 Mt
  2. Brazil – 34.7 Mt
  3. Turkey – 35.9 Mt
  4. Germany – 42.7 Mt
  5. South Korea – 69.3 Mt
  6. Russia – 70.6 Mt
  7. India – 76.7 Mt
  8. United States – 88.6 Mt
  9. Japan – 107.2 Mt
  10. China – 716.5 Mt

Source: Worldsteel 2012

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