Top 10 tallest waterfalls

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The good thing about water is that it will always follow the easiest way out. It doesn’t hesitate to fill a reservoir such as a lake. And when it’s filled, it will easily pour over, forming a creek or even a river. Sometimes water is confronted with an almost vertical drop. It doesn’t frighten water. It will just go down, forming one of nature’s most spectacular phenomena: a waterfall. Where can we find the world’s tallest waterfalls? Check our next list!

Top 10 tallest waterfalls

  1. Brown Fals, New Zealand – 2,744 ft
  2. James Bruce Falls, British Columbia, Canada – 2,755 ft
  3. Pu’uka’oka Falls, Hawaii, USA – 2,756 ft
  4. Skorgefossen, Norway – 2,835 ft
  5. Vinnufossen, Norway – 2,837 ft
  6. Yumbilla, Amazonas, Peru – 2,938 ft
  7. Olo’upena Falls, Hawaii, USA – 2,953 ft
  8. Tres Hermanas, Amazonas, Peru – 3,000 ft
  9. Tugela Falls, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa – 3,130 ft
  10. Angel Falls (aka Kerepakupai Meru), Bolivar, Venezuela – 3,212 ft

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