Top 10 tea producing countries

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‘Tea is the new coffee’ according to popular belief. And although coffee is still the number one warm beverage in America, tea is rapidly closing the gap. Global tea consumption is rising year after year, which is good news for the tea producing countries.

In the 5th century tea was consumed as a remedy due to the medicinal benefits. Recent studies suggest that tea helps prevent several cancers and it lowers the risk of osteoporosis. Moreover, components of green tea are believed to help losing weight. The global tea industry is worth 3.5 billion dollars annually. The most notable tea brands include Lipton, Pickwick, UK’s Rington’s Tea and Twinings and many more. The Oregon based Yogi Tea Company is the rising star of the tea companies. But which are the tea producing countries in volume? How many tea do they produce on in tonnes an annual basis? Here’s a top 10 tea producing countries!

Top 10 tea producing countries

  1. Japan – 95,012 tonnes
  2. Argentina – 96,572 tonnes
  3. Indonesia – 142,400 tonnes
  4. Iran – 162,517 tonnes
  5. Vietnam – 206,600 tonnes
  6. Turkey – 221,600 tonnes
  7. Sri Lanka – 327,500 tonnes
  8. Kenya – 377,912 tonnes
  9. India- 966,733 tonnes
  10. China – 1,640,310 tonnes


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