Top 10 universities in Europe

science & technology

The first modern universities were all established in Europe, the University of Bologna being the first in 1088.  Now, almost thousand years later, the list of the world’s best universities is dominated by American institutes. And although it is difficult to compare universities in terms of quality, the QS World University Rankings® developed a methodology, based on size, subject range and research activity level. So where can you find Europe’s best universities?

  1. Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS) – Paris, France
  2. University of Bristol – Bristol, United Kingdom
  3. University of Manchester – Manchester, United Kingdom
  4. Kings College London – London, United Kingdom
  5. University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh, Scotland
  6. ETH Zurich – Zurich, Switzerland
  7. University College London (UCL) – London, United Kingdom
  8. Imperial College London – London, United Kingdom
  9. University of Oxford – Oxford, United Kingdom
  10. University of Cambridge – Cambridge, United Kingdom

source 2011