Top 10 world’s largest banks (2012)

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It is still very well possible to stash your savings under your mattress or in an old sock. As a matter of fact many people do. Maybe because the money isn’t earned legally, maybe because people don’t trust the banking system. Trust is fundamental when it comes to banking. And despite the fact that banks have been criticized a lot for their bonus structures and risky investments, people still go to the bank for their mortgages, their credit cards, their savings or the daily cash withdrawal. What are the largest banks of the world in terms of assets? Here’s a top 10 list of world’s largest banks!

Top 10 world’s largest banks (2012)

  1. Bank of America, United States – 2,129,046 million dollars
  2. JP Morgan Chase, United States – 2,265,792 million dollars
  3. Royal Bank of Scotland, United Kingdom – 2,329,726 million dollars
  4. Barclays Group, United Kingdom – 2,417,327 million dollars
  5. Cr̩dit Agricole, France Р2,431,796 million dollars
  6. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Japan – 2,447,950 million dollars
  7. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China – 2,456,287 million dollars
  8. BNP Paribas, France – 2,542,738 million dollars
  9. HSBC, United Kingdom – 2,555,579 million dollars
  10. Deutsche Bank, Germany – 2,799,977 million dollars

Source: Global Finance 2012