Top 10 world’s rainiest places

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Sometimes a refreshing rain at the end of a warm day is an absolute blessing. It clears the air, it’s bringing life to nature. Most people however don’t like rain at all. They should definitely avoid the world’s rainiest places and take a look at the sunniest places instead.

The places in our next list are amongst the wettest in the world. It is here that nature is very generous when it comes to rain. And we don’t mean a lousy 800 millimeters a year, which is the normal quantity of annual rainfall in many European countries. Whatever house you will build in these intriguing spots, wet you will be. Where are the wettest places in the world and what’s the annual rainfall on average, measured in inches and millimeters? Here’s a top 10 world rainiest places! Don’t forget your umbrella!

Top 10 world’s rainiest places

  1. Tavoy, Myanmar – 214.6 inches (5451 mm)
  2. Kikori, Papua New Guinea – 232.9 inches (5916 mm)
  3. Henderson Lake, British Columbia (Canada) – 256.0 inches (6502 mm)
  4. Andagoya, Colombia – 281.0 inches (7137 mm)
  5. Bellenden Der Range, Australia – 340.0 inches (8636 mm)
  6. Quibdo, Colombia – 353.9 inches (8989 mm)
  7. Debundscha, Cameroon – 404.6 inches (10276 mm)
  8. Waialeale, Hawaii (USA) – 451.0 inches (11455 mm)
  9. Mawsynram, India – 467.4 inches (11871 mm)
  10. Cherrapunji, India – 498.0 inches (12649 mm)


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