Top 10 worst movies ever (according to IMDB)

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Just imagine that every movie starts off with a good idea. Someone probably went through the trouble of writing a captivating script. And then there’s the actors and the director. They’ve done a good job, right? Well, not always. You see, there’s a lot of bad movies out there. And when we say bad, we mean outrageously bad. Here’s the list of the 10 worst movies ever, complete with IMDB rating.

Top 10 worst movies ever

  1. The Starfighters (1964): 1,6
    Review quote: See the best USAF stock footage of 1964!
  2. The Skydivers
    (1963): 1,5
    Review quote: If I could slap this movie, I would.
  3. Ben & Arthur
    (2002): 1,5
    Review quote: Any positive review of this movie is assuredly written by the director/writer/caterer/dog walker of this abomination.
  4. Á (2009): 1,5
    Review quote: I’m sorry I spent 90 minute of my life watching this movie.
  5. Night Train to Mundo Fine (1966): 1,5
    Review quote: Script? We don’t need no stinking script!
  6. Manos – Hands of Fate
    (1966): 1,5
    Review quote:I drowned in a pool of my own disbelief.
  7. Monster A-Go-Go
    (1965): 1,5
    Review quote: If I could give this negative stars, I would.
  8. Daniel – Der Zauberer (2004): 1,5
    Review quote: Why? Honestly… WHY!!?
  9. Superbabies – Baby Geniuses 2
    (2004): 1,5
    Review quote: A Nappy Load Of Crappy.
  10. Titanic: La leggenda continua… (2000): 1,3
    Review quote: A real Shipwreck!

Source: IMDB’s bottom 100